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Coating Application Success Stories

The DECC Company has developed and delivered coating solutions to many different problems our customers have presented to us over the years. Below is just a small sample of how our innovation and expertise in the coatings industry has solved challenges unique to our customers and their products.

At the DECC Company, we will work with your engineers to help develop a coating solution that is right for your challenge. Contact us about our achievements with fuel cell coatings, thermal barrier coatings and other specialized applications. We know we can help solve your coating or performance problem.

automotive washer coating

Automotive Washer Coating

GM Experiences a Trouble-Free Program Launch with the DECC Company

When a Tier I supplier to General Motors couldn't satisfy a member of the Big Three's demands, they needed a solution. The issue at hand was the application of a dry film lubricant to washers that went in every front end GM transmission on the market. The Tier I's current coating applicator could not provide adequate volumes to meet delivery demands. Also, the quality of parts delivered began to deteriorate. In fact, when certified parts from the current applicator were measured at random to verify quality, the coating thickness was under spec. With a redesign of the part upcoming, it was time to change their coating applicator. Continue Reading...

automotive coatings solution

Brake Pad Clips Coating

DECC's Alternative Coating Solution for NVH Reduction on Brake-Pad Clips Becomes "New Industry Standard"

A Tier I supplier to various leading OEMs approached DECC with a problem: Ford had challenged them to come up with a solution to an NVH issue they were facing. The problem at hand was excessive noise and squeaks caused by friction between the brake-pad and brake-pad clip in their brake assembly. Specialty grease was currently being applied to the brake-pad clip, but this process was not repeatable, was messy, and still did not entirely eliminate the NVH issue. Continue Reading...

dryer panel coating

Dryer Panel Coatings

DECC Eliminates Medical Laundry Problem with Ingenious Food Grade Coating Solution

A not-for-profit healthcare laundry service was experiencing an unavoidable issue in regards to their dryers. The Michigan based company, which handles half the state's medical laundry, was dealing with severely hampered dryer efficiency due to clogging. The issue was that the sorters at the beginning of the process were not always removing everything from linens and lab coats when sorting laundry. Because of this, latex gloves, ink pens and other plastic materials would make their way through the cleaning process and end up in the dryers. Continue Reading...

Medical Manufacturing Coatings

Coatings for Medical Manufacturing

DECC Provides Customer a Solution to Problem that Half the Country Could Not

A California manufacturer of medical instruments was in a dire situation. The part causing them issues was used during open heart surgery and applied directly the a patient's heart, keeping the heart beating but paralyzing the area it was connected to, allowing the surgeon to operate. The surface of the part had to be prepped and cleaned, an adhesive coating applied in less than one ten thousandth of an inch thickness, and then measured to make sure it met quality standards. Continue Reading...

Military Component Coatings

Military Component Coatings

DECC Saves Company Money by Being an Everything-In-One Solution

A military manufacturer required a coating application for a fuel shut-off valve that refueled military helicopters and prevented fuel leakage disasters. As the part would be subjected to the harshest environments - cold altitudes, deserts, and sand - meeting stringent quality specifications was of the utmost importance. Not only were exact coating standards needed, the part also required a Class A grade surface after the coating application. The manufacturer, who had a history with DECC, knew they would be up to the challenge. Continue Reading...

Electronic Gas Regulator Coatings

Electronic Gas Regulator Coatings

EGR Manufacturer Uses Emralon 310 on Sticky Silicone Rubber to Prevent Field Failure

A manufacturer of an Electronic Gas Regulator (EGR) encountered a problem that was unanticipated during production and testing phases of a new part. In order for the part to detect fume leakage, a sticky, fluorosilicone rubber had to seal tight against a plastic component. However, the sticky rubber attracted dust and contaminants that prevented a consistent seal, ultimately resulting in failure of the part. Continue Reading...

Diesel Manufacturer coatings

Diesel Manufacturer

New Coating Application Helps a Diesel Industry Customer Meet Critical EPA Requirements While Saving Money

A large diesel manufacturer approached DECC with a significant challenge: they needed the inside of a valve in their over-the-road engine powder-coated to protect from corrosion as a result of new EPA requirements. As it was, powder-coating aluminum castings was their best option to deal with the corrosive byproduct caused by these new regulations. Not to be deterred, DECC jumped at the opportunity to showcase their problem solving capabilities. Continue Reading...

Automotive Coatings

Automotive Coating Solution

DECC Comes to the Rescue with a Coating Solution That Allows Automaker to Meet Their New Truck Launch Deadline

A non domestic auto supplier discovered a failure mode during cold cycle testing, which would have prevented the launch of a new truck, just two months before the deadline. In cold weather, ice buildup would cause the rear lift gate from working properly. In need of a quick and cost efficient solution, they turned to the DECC Company. Continue Reading...

furniture coating solution

Coatings for Furniture Manufacturer

Coating Solution Eliminates Warranty Issues and Extends Life of Product

An office furniture manufacturer was plating the vertical riser for office chairs with traditional plating and then greasing. The traditional grease lubricants used would attract dust and dirt, ultimately acting like an abrasive compound. As a result, the up and down cycling and the side to side movement of the chair would become inconsistent and wear our prematurely, often having to be replaced under warranty. Continue Reading...

fda approved coatings

FDA Approved Coatings

Customer Capable of Coating Their Own Parts Turns to DECC to Ensure a Quality Product

A food production company needed their large food dies applied with a high release, FDA acceptable coating due to sticking during production. The problem was that that the water-based coating needed to be applied in an extremely precise manner so the entire substrate was covered, but not over-coated as it would blister during curing, ultimately ruining the part and costing significant money to rework. Another challenge was that the coating had to be hand sprayed as the dies were too big for robotic application. With a reputation for succeeding in the face of adversity, they came to DECC for help.Continue Reading...

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