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High Temperature Coatings & Thermal Management Coatings

high temperature resistant coatings
Abrasion & wear resistant coating used for movement caused by flexing of hot and cold metal.
thermal barrier coatings
Engine coated in extreme heat resistance coating

With the requirement of automotive and diesel engines to run cleaner and more efficient than ever before, there is a continued need for thermal management and high temperature resistant coatings.

Typical applications for thermal management and high temperature resistant coatings include, but are not limited to:

  • Intake manifolds
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Exhaust gaskets
  • Electrical components that are affected by high temperatures

Thermal Management: Thermal Barrier & Dispersant Coatings

Thermal barrier coatings can be applied on their own or in conjunction with a thermal dispersant coating. If you are experiencing an issue related to excessive temperatures, DECC may have an answer to your problem.

Thermal barrier coatings act as their name would imply: they block/reduce the radiating surface temperature of the substrate. They can also be applied over a dispersant coating.

Dispersant coatings aid in transferring heat generated by an isolated high temperature area of a component throughout the surface of the substrate. Not only does this ultimately reduce heat, but it can also improve the functionality of a thermal barrier coating when used in tandem.

In some applications, customers have reported a decrease in component surface temperature of 15 - 20%. As each application is different, DECC can coat samples free of charge for you to validate the potential solution.

High Temperature Resistance Coatings

DECC applies a variety of high temperature resistant coatings. These vary from thermal management coatings in that they aren't expected to combat excessive heat, but maintain their functionality in a high heat environment. Usually focused on either combating various forms of corrosion or providing lubrication between mating components, DECC can make a recommendation on a coating we think can solve your issue.

Automotive & Diesel Specifications

OEM's are held to strict standards, which is why we take pains to ensure that if a coating is called out on an automotive or diesel specification, it is applied in a way that meets all the necessary requirements in the related specification.

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