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Quality & Certification

Quality Standards
The DECC Company is proud to announce we’ve had nine consecutive years of ZERO noncomformances.

The DECC Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has nine years running of zero non-conformances found during external audits. We also conform to the CQI-12 coating system assessment which requires a thorough internal audit of our coating process on an annual basis. Our internal goals of zero PPM's and 100% on-time delivery are demanding, but they demonstrate DECC's commitment to provide our customers quality parts on time, every time.

We provide coating services for all types of companies, in a variety of industries, yet our goal is always the same:

  • Delight Our Customers by meeting
  • Expectations for Delivery and Quality through
  • Continuous Improvement and a
  • Commitment to our company values.

Quality is emphasized in every project handled by DECC to make certain our work meets Automotive, Diesel, FDA, Furniture, Industrial, Medical, and Aerospace / Avionics, and Alternative Energy / Fuel Cell specifications where applicable.

Inspection tests include the following:

Fischerscope Technology
Coating Thickness

A test method where coating thickness is measured to ensure it falls within the tolerances of the part specifications. DECC utilizes a Fischerscope and a beta backscatter for this test.

certified coating services
Attribute Gauging
DECC can perform quality audits using attribute gauges supplied by our customers.
Cure Testing
Cure Testing

A test method to ensure the coating has been fully cured via a chemical rub on the surface of the part.

automotive coatings
Dimensional Measurement

Two non-destructive measurement devices that DECC uses are calipers and micrometers to ensure parts are within tolerance after coating.

coating services
Adhesion / Cross Hatch

A test method ensuring that the bond between the coating and substrate is adequate. Depending on the requirement, DECC can perform a X Cross Hatch, a Grid Cut, a Triple Cross Hatch, or a Non-Destructive adhesion test.

Cure Testing
Phosphate Titration

A test to confirm the concentration of our phosphate bath.

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If you have a coating problem with demanding quality standards, the DECC Company has the solution. Please contact us today!