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Rack and Bulk Coating

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Custom Racks
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Our two main coating services utilize either Rack or Bulk processing.

Which method might be best for your needs?

The main indicators are:

  • Part geometry
  • Type of coating
  • Part function
  • Desired coating requirements
  • Part substrate

Rack Coating

Using computer aided design created by our engineering department, a prototype fixture is used to help develop test coating data and part requirements. The rack design guarantees that every production part, on every fixture, has the exact same coating wrap, thickness, and finish, whether first off or last off, as only electrostatic coating can do. This is a highly repeatable coating services process.

Bulk Coating

DECC’s bulk coating services are a unique concept, based on unit design and geometry. For the right part geometry, coating type, part function, coating requirement, and part substrate, this coating method is very cost effective and capable of processing thousands of parts per hour.

We know that quality and appearance is important to you and your customers. When you compare our finished product to our competitors then you will know why we are best in class.

Let our team help you decide which dry film coatings services are best for your needs. Contact us today!

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