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Full Film Properties & Cure

We have had customers contact us because coated parts being received from their current coating applicator were "underperforming."

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Xylan Coatings: High-performance Fluoropolymers for Function in Extreme Conditions

We have discussed in a previous blog post how DECC is “coating agnostic”...

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Automotive latch with non-stick coating

Non-Stick Release Coatings Are Not Just for Pots & Pans: A Look at Automotive & Manufacturing Applications

When you hear the term “non-stick”, most people immediately have their favorite cooking...

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How to Pick the Right FDA Acceptable Coating

A good amount of commercial food grade processing equipment comes “out of the...

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How to Choose the Right Dry Film Lubricant for Your Application

As there is a vast array dry film lubricants on the market, there...

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Can You Meet This Spec? Well, technically…

One of the main drivers of RFQ’s from potential customers is when they...

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The Limitations of Rack-Spray: Unfortunately, it isn’t for all components

The DECC Company’s goal is to be the go-to resource for all of...

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