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Tumble Spray Coatings


Tumble Spray Machine

Tumble Spray

The options for coating part substrates made from plastic, silicon, glass filled nylon, or rubber are very limited. Although traditional spray methods can be used, The DECC Company's unique tumble spray coating process provides an economical choice for certain types of high-volume coating applications.

A controlled spray of atomized coating is applied to rotating parts inside a specially designed unit, offering an advantage over dip/spin technology when it comes to certain part substrates and geometries. Through engineered unit geometry, controlled tumble rotation rate, and managed coating delivery systems, bulk coating consistency is possible at a cost-effective price.

Our tumble spray coating programs are unique to each customer's application to ensure superior protection, durability, and performance.

For additional information on the DECC Company’s tumble spray coating capabilities, contact us today.

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