Our Wellness Program

At the DECC Company, our "Commit to be Fit" program provides incentives to those willing to improve upon their health. By participating in the program, each employee is eligible to receive cash bonuses based on the wellness goals they meet each quarter.

Why is the DECC Company interested in having healthy and happy employees?

  • Healthy employees are more productive.
  • Healthy employees miss less time from work.
  • Helps everyone control our health care costs.
  • The DECC Company is better able to compete for business.
  • Happy employees are more fun to be around.
Participating Organizations

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The Hope Network

The Hope Network, founded in 1963, is a non-profit Christian organization that provides employment for adults with developmental disorders, disabilities, or other disadvantages. They present the individual with work opportunities so they can achieve their highest level of independence. The organization reaches out to more than 20,000 people in Michigan with 180 locations.

The DECC Company has been proudly accommodating Hope Network adults with employment for over 40 years; however, the business has been bringing in employees with intellectual disabilities long before the Hope Network program. The DECC Company began employing people with intellectual disabilities when a neighbor inquired about a position for his disabled son. The son did a great job and it grew from there.

Hope Network provides the DECC Company with:

  • High volume mass racking
  • Flexible staffing to accommodate large batches
  • Quality and reliable part processing