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Fuel Cell Alternative Energy Coatings | The DECC Company

Alternative Energy/ Fuel Cell Coatings

Part of the byproduct of generating energy via a fuel cell is corrosion caused by chemicals. Chemical corrosion is the eventual death nail of most substrates that it comes in contact with, in turn reducing the life of the fuel cell itself. Chemical resistant industrial coatings can increase the life of the substrate to which they are applied, thus improving the overall performance and life of the fuel cell while allowing the use of less exotic metals. DECC can help find the right chemical protective industrial coating for your application.

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High-Performance Coatings For Auto Industry | The DECC Company

Automotive Coatings

The DECC Company has been applying functional coatings for the automotive industry for almost as long as we have been around. Whether you have an OEM specification that calls out a specific coating application or need assistance solving a component performance problem where coating may be a solutions, DECC can help you with your challenge.

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Commercial Laundry Coatings

The DECC Company serves the commercial laundry market by applying an abrasion resistant, non-stick release coating to dryer panels that reduces plastic buildup inside dryers, decreases downtime for cleaning and increases dryer efficiency and air flow.

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Diesel Parts & Exhaust System High Temp Coatings | The DECC Company

Diesel Coatings

Due to EPA requirements, diesel engines must run cleaner and more efficient than ever. A byproduct of these requirements are engines that are running at higher temperatures, which can cause premature component failure.
The regenerative emission systems on some these new diesel engines also produce a very corrosive byproduct that can eat through any metal, even the most exotic and costly.

Currently, these types of issues are being combated by thicker exhaust components and heat blankets that add weight and cost, while reducing fuel economy, horse power, and overall engine performance. Through the application high temperature and/or chemical resistant coatings, The DECC Company can offer a solution to your engine performance issues.

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Food Manufacturing FDA Approved Coatings | The DECC Company

Food Production

As a service-oriented applicator of FDA acceptable food-grade coatings, the DECC Company applies coatings to both new and rebuilt manufacturing equipment components used in high volume food production. Food production equipment performance is enhanced with customized FDA acceptable dry-release coating solutions. The coatings DECC applies provide a more durable surface that increases production rates, reduces quality and down time issues, and adds improved life to the part.

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Dry Film Lubricant Coatings For Furniture Industry | The DECC Company

Furniture Coatings

The DECC Company applies dry-film lubricants and other release coatings to office furniture where traditional greases and oils aren’t an option. These coatings are durable, functional, and long lasting, ensuring superior performance for the life of the product.

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Dry Film Anti-Friction Coatings For Industrial Parts | The DECC Company

Industrial Coatings

Friction, wear, and corrosion are the archenemy for automation/manufacturing equipment, ultimately causing reductions in production rates and tool life, while increasing quality issues and down time. The DECC Company applies a variety of functional coatings that solve numerous problems faced by the manufacturing industry.

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Dry Film Lubricants & Applied Medical Coatings | The DECC Company

Medical Coatings

The DECC Company is an applicator of coatings that add value to a variety of medical devices. Medical instruments perform better when enhanced with customized FDA acceptable coating solutions, many of which are biocompatible.

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Remanufacturing Parts Coatings For Reused Parts | The DECC Company


The DECC Company applies coatings to numerous refurbished parts, primarily in the diesel and automotive markets. These coatings result in remanufactured components out performing their original manufactured counterparts.

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