Coating for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Batteries for electric vehicles (EV) pose unique coating challenges. Not only does an EV battery coating need to be heat and oil resistant, but it also has to prevent corrosion without compromising the performance of the electric vehicle. The DECC Company can apply a proven coating solution that does all of the above, while also preserving the life of an EV battery.

The battery accounts for 40% of the total cost of an electric vehicle, so properly protecting the battery with the right coating is a vital investment for OEMs. The protective coating is a thermal-cure epoxy resin that provides electrical insulation, is heat and oil resistant, and offers a high transfer of energy. Most importantly, it prevents battery acid, moisture, salt, and other elements from degrading the substrate, ensuring an EV battery maintains its performance and life cycle.

Benefits of an EV Battery Coating

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Heat Resistant


Oil Resistant


Prevents Corrosion

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Preserves Life of EV Batteries

Coating Products for EV Batteries

Since 1964 we’ve made it our business to be the coating solution provider for your business. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you with the right coating solution for your production run of EV batteries.


The LORD JMC-700K coating was specifically designed for use on cooling plates, heat sinks, motor magnets, and other electrical vehicle and automotive applications.

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