Gas Filler Tube with Magni Zinc-Flake Corrosion Resistant Coating
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The Magni Group develops and manufactures coatings specifically engineered to extend the life of metal products by preventing corrosion. They are most notably known for their flagship Magni 560 and Magni 565 coating system. The DECC Company is proud to be an approved applicator for Magni coatings.

Coating Descriptions

Magni 565 DECC Preferred

The most popular, most widely used Magni coating system applied by DECC, Magni 565 is a chrome free duplex coating system that combines and inorganic zinc-rich basecoat with an aluminum-rich organic topcoat. Magni 565 is the preferred finish on fasteners and other components at many automotive manufacturers, meeting specifications from Chrysler and Ford to GM and Honda, among others.

Magni 560 DECC Preferred

With the ability to be custom engineered to a specific coefficient of friction needs, Magni 560 is a duplex coating system that utilizes an aluminum-rich topcoat over an electroplated zinc substrate.

Magni 536

Designed to be applied over a zinc electroplated substrate, Magni 536 contains metallic pigments that mitigate galvanic corrosion when two dissimilar metals are assembled together.

Magni 540

A basecoat and black topcoat system, Magni 540 is designed for applications that require low friction, reduced noise, and superior corrosion resistance, typically on highly visible hardware where a spray application is necessary for a cosmetic finish.

Magni 575

Meeting a variety of automotive specifications, Magni 575 combines an inorganic dark basecoat for sacrificial protection with a durable black topcoat.

Magni 577

A black, chrome-free, UV stable coating system, Magni 577 is suitable for applications requiring a higher gloss for cosmetic purposes

Magni 590

Meeting specifications from Daimler-Benz, Ford, GM and Volkswagen, Magni 590 is a chrome-free coating system that provides superior product performance in fewer layers than comparable finishes.

Magni 591

Engineered with integrated friction modifiers to eliminate the need for sealers or post-coating lubricants, Magni 591 ensure corrosion protection with repeatable torque/tension characteristics in assembly.

Magni 594

A coating system that combines an inorganic zinc-rich basecoat with an aluminum-rich, friction modified topcoat, Magni 594 provides superior performance in fewer layers than comparable finishes.

Magni 595

An inorganic zinc/aluminum coating system that employs heat-resistant resin chemistry for extreme temperature applications, Magni 595 is resistant to temperatures up to 1200° F.

Magni 659

Designed for the application over fuel filler pipes fabricated with electroplated zinc-nickel, Magni 659 is a highly conductive thermoset coating offering excellent galvanic protection.

Magni 295

A silver, chrome-free, corrosion resistant coating used directly over uncoated low carbon steels, Magni 295 is designed to be used under E-coat to guard against inside-out corrosion common to components with complex geometries.

Magni 501

Engineered to be a replacement coating system for zinc plating and trivalent passivation, Magni 501 provides superior product performance in a single layer.

Magni 510

Combining an electroplated zinc and hex-chrome free substrate with a chrome-free aluminum-rich organic topcoat, Magni 510 is a reflective silver coating providing superior product performance in fewer layers than comparable finishes.

Magni 511

Currently the preferred finish on nuts at many automotive manufacturers, Magni 511 is engineered to ensure repeatable torque/tension characteristics in assembly.

Magni 515

Available in bright silver, Magni 515 is a chrome-free coating system that provides superior corrosion protection in fewer layers than comparable finishes.

Magni 525

Available in a variety of colors, Magni 525 is a two-coat system that is suitable for components in high UV and other harsh outdoor environments.

Magni 535

A two-coat system formulated to provide a cost advantage while maintaining superior corrosion resistance, Magni 535 is an excellent option to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement concerns.

Magni 265

For use on vehicle underbody stampings and other structural components, Magni 265 provides corrosion resistance comparable to hot-dip galvanizing, while substantially lowering the component's weight.

Magni 109

Engineered for brake rotors with the ability to be applied to all braking surfaces, Magni 109 provides superior product performance by protecting against under-vehicle corrosion in a single, thin layer.

Magni 118

Resistant to electrolytic and chemical perforation, Magni 118 provides exceptional galvanic corrosion protection against aluminum and other metals.

Magni 140

Similar to Magni 109, Magni 140 is engineered for corrosion resistance on brake rotors with the ability to be applied to all breaking surfaces.

Magni 190

Heat resistant up to 450°C, Magni 190 improves component performance by protecting it against under-vehicle corrosion.

Magni 234

With the ability to resist temperatures of up to 500°C, Magni 234 is a black corrosion resistant coating for stainless and aluminized stainless steels typically used to fabricate mufflers, resonators, and tailpipes.

Magni 235

Similar to Magni 234, Magni 235 is a black, chrome-free corrosion and heat resistant coating for use directly over uncoated stainless steel, aluminized stainless steel, and cast iron materials.

Magni 236

Similar in nature to Magni 234 and 235, Magni 236 is a black, corrosion resistant coating capable of withstanding temperatures up to 600°C.

DECC is not licensed to sell individual or packaged coatings.

DECC is your resource for the application of the coatings listed for The Magni Group®

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