Components that operate in harsh environments are susceptible to contact with any variety of chemicals, which can ultimately lead to the deterioration of part performance and, eventually, component failure. Depending on the performance requirement, the DECC Company applies coatings that are not only chemical resistant, but functional as well.

Chemical Resistant Coatings & Applications protect the part from deterioration in harsh environments

Types of Chemical Resistant Coatings

  • PTFE Coatings – PTFE coatings are not only non-stick and provide a reduced coefficient of friction, most are highly chemical resistant, as well as high temperature resistant. A good example of this type of coating is Henkel’s Bonderite S-FN 333.
  • Fluoropolymer Coatings – high performance, resin bonded lubricants, the coatings are not only durable but many are very resistant to chemicals used in industrial and automotive applications. Whitford’s Xylan 1440 is a great example of this type of coating.
  • Phenolic Coatings – Phenolic coatings are a high bake barrier coating used almost exclusively for purpose of combating chemical corrosion. Heresite’s P-403L is the coating DECC applies to diesel components to prevent sulfuric corrosion in exhaust gas recirculation systems.

Chemical Corrosion Coating Solutions

Chemical corrosion can affect any substrate type, including plastic or silicon or rubber. Depending on the component and particular problem you are facing, DECC most likely has a coating application method that can solve it.

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Radiator with Sherwin Williams chemical resistant coating

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