The DECC Company provides custom packaging services for our customers to ensure their parts are returned with the same high quality finish they had when we pulled them off our line. Regardless of whether you need your components cell packed, bulk packed, bubble wrapped or bagged, we are capable of meeting your demand.

Custom Packaged Parts & Coatings Packaging | The DECC Company

If custom box or skid labels are required for outgoing product, DECC has the ability to design the labels in house and in accordance with our customer’s requirements. In many instances, we pack coated components, apply custom labels, and direct ship to our customer’s customer. Not only does this save our customer money on unnecessary shipping and packaging processes, it speaks to the quality of product DECC produces on a daily basis. When compared to dip-spin, our coating application method eliminates the need to return product and sort in house for coating defects or part damage.

In an effort to be an all-in-one service provider, the DECC Company is also capable of performing light assembly work for specific part components. For example, DECC previously press-fit a plastic bushing on the back of a window bolt after it was coated, eliminating a processing step for our customer.

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