The DECC Company’s electrostatic spray line is the work horse of our company. With our focus on providing economical, high quality rack-spray options for our customers, DECC’s electrostatic spray line can coat millions of parts, yielding consistent coating coverage and minimal variation throughout an entire production run.

Dedicated Electrostatic Spray Coating Line | The DECC Company

DECC’s electrostatic spray line passes components in front of four reciprocating bells that deliver a cloud of charged coating particles. Since the parts are grounded on the fixture from which they hang, the coating is attracted to the components. This method of application offers excellent “wrap” of the coating on the substrate, even on the side of the part not facing the bells.

DECC also employs two six-axis Fanuc robots on the back end of our electrostatic line for touch-up purposes, allowing us to coat parts of almost any geometry. Where coating is repelled from concave areas of a part due to the Faraday Cage Effect when passing the bells, our robotic touch-up ensures complete coverage of all areas of the part.

Rack-Spray Electrostatic Coating Application

As a result of the addition of robotic touch-up, DECC is now able to coat part geometries that were originally reserved for only a dip-spin application. Dip-spin is an economical choice for some components, such as fasteners. However, dip-spin coated brackets with pockets can experience blistering and cracking from pooling coating. Parts that have protrusions or are of a thinner gauge steel can become bent and warped during processing. Although the dip-spin pricing is cheaper up front, it does not factor in the cost of sorting and scrapping material after coating. DECC’s rack-spray coating application ensures a high-quality, consistent coating, without damaging or warping, on every part.

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