The DECC Company takes pride in applying coatings to remanufactured parts and components, especially from an environmental standpoint.

Any non-functioning part or machine component that can be coated and made to work again is one less hunk of metal mined from the earth. The process saves the part from ending up in a dump or a landfill where rainwater can wash oils and pollutants into the ground. Less energy is required to remanufacture a part that is needed to create one from scratch. It follows then that the remanufacturing process emits fewer greenhouse gases (CO2) than a typical manufacturing process.

As one example of remanufacturing we’ve seen at DECC, a customer challenged us to apply a protective coating to a used part that goes into a diesel engine. The heavy parts were stripped off of non-functioning engines, cleaned using environmentally friendly processes and sent to our facility. Upon arrival, they were further cleaned of lingering residues, such as oil or lubricant, and sent to our spray application line. These remanufactured components, now with a protective coating, function better and have a longer life-cycle than their brand new counterparts.

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