The DECC Company applies rubber to metal adhesive coatings that allow for the bonding of rubber to a substrate during the over-molding operation. Our coating services have been utilized in industrial, automotive and furniture industries, among others.

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Rubber to Metal Adhesive Coatings: Applications

Rubber to metal adhesive coatings is essential for the automotive industry where shock absorption and/or sound deadening from molded rubber components are required, such as suspension systems and engine mounts. They are utilized in industrial applications, such as mounts for railway cars, and the furniture industry, such as office chairs.

Train components with Chemlok rubber-to-metal adhesive coating

DECC Adhesive Coatings

The adhesive coatings primarily used by DECC are Chemlok®, a line of products manufactured by LORD Corp. Whether a single primer/adhesive is required, such as Chemlok® 205, or a primer with a topcoat adhesive like Chemlok® 6254 is needed, DECC can meet the requirement or specification.

A variety of Chemlok® adhesive chemistries exist that allow us to coat numerous substrates where bond strength and push out testing are required. In some cases, DECC can also suggest alternative adhesive recipes that will perform the same but are more economical in terms of pricing.

DECC Rubber to Metal Adhesive Coating Services

DECC’s rack-spray application method yields a component of superior quality and consistency in coverage when compared to the dip-spin or dip-drain coating method. With years of experience applying rubber-to-metal adhesive, we are confident we can meet your current or future production challenge.

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