High Temperature Coating Solutions for the Diesel Industry

At the DECC Company, we recognize the challenges due to increasing engine temperatures due to EPA requirements and how they contribute to component performance and other engineering issues that are problematic to the diesel industry.

We Have Solutions to These Problems

  • EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) systems, exhaust manifolds, and exhaust gaskets that are affected by corrosive exhaust gas byproducts.
  • Temperature related issues that cause slip fit exhaust components to weld together, leading to the eventual failure of those exhaust components and difficultly with maintenance.
  • Under the hood electronic component failure due to the high radiating temperatures of the diesel engines.
  • Reduced overall performance and safety concerns on the engines as a result of high temperatures on various engine components.

These types of issues are typically combated with heat blankets and/or exotic metals that increase cost, add weight, and reduce performance. DECC has several years of experience working with various OEMs on production applications where coating is being used to resolve these issues.

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