For more than 70 years, MOLYKOTE® has been a trusted partner, helping engineers and manufacturers meet some of the world’s toughest technical design and lubrication challenges through innovative combination of tribology and material science for dry lubrication.Read More
NOF Metal Coatings Group is the leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of water based inorganic coating technology, developing and manufacturing corrosion protective coatings that shield against solvents, humidity, and salt. Read More
Henkel PTFE & Non-Stick Coatings | The DECC Company
Henkel's Acheson® brand makes specialty coatings primarily for friction reduction, squeak reduction, release, abrasion & wear resistance, conductivity, and shielding. They are most notably known for their Emralon® series coatings which have recently been renamed with BONDERITE® and LOCTITE® trade names.Read More
Doerken Coating And Corrosion Experts | The DECC Company
Doerken®, or DÖRKEN® in German, manufactures specially engineered corrosion resistant coatings for the automotive, military and diesel industries that meet a wide range of specifications. They are most notably known for their Delta Protekt®, Delta Seal® and Delta Tone® series of coatings.Read More
The Chemours Company Protective PTFE Coatings | The DECC Company
Chemours is well known for being the company that originated and patented a popular non stick coating.Read More
LORD Corporation Adhesive Coatings | The DECC Company
The LORD Corporation has been a world leader in the development and manufacturing of high performance adhesive coatings for more than half a century. They are most notably known for the Chemlok® series of adhesives is recognized as an industry leader for rubber-to-metal bonding in automotive applications.Read More
Sherwin Williams Protective Coatings | The DECC Company
Sherwin Williams has been developing and manufacturing coatings for over 140 years. They are the leading manufacturer of military coatings, designed and manufactured to meet numerous military specifications. Sherwin-Williams works closely with the Army Research Lab in an effort to provide the most extensive line of products designed for military tactical and support equipment.Read More
The Magni Group Zinc-Flake Coatings | The DECC Company
The Magni Group develops and manufactures coatings specifically engineered to extend the life of metal products by preventing corrosion. They are most notably known for their flagship Magni 560 and Magni 565 coating system. The DECC Company is proud to be an approved applicator for Magni coatings.Read More
Whitford Xylan Protective Coatings | The DECC Company
Whitford is renowned for being one of the biggest manufacturers of a wide variety of nonstick coatings, many of which are FDA acceptable. Their products are utilized in many industries, including food, medical, aerospace, and automotive. They are most notably known for their Xylan® series of coatings. The DECC Company is proud to be a Whitford Recommended Coating Applicator.Read More
Atotech Corrosion Protection Coatings | The DECC Company
Atotech develops many surface treatment options, but DECC utilizes their zinc flake coating products that extend the life of automotive components by combating corrosion. Approved by numerous OEM's, Atotech's Zintek® silver and black basecoats and Techseal® organic top coats are well known in the automotive industry.Read More
Heresite Protective Coating | The DECC Company
Heresite manufactures primarily phenolic based barrier coatings that are used to combat corrosion caused by chemicals or chemical fumes, as well as outdoor environments with high humidity and/or salinity. DECC uses their P-403L High Bake Phenolic to combat sulfuric corrosion in diesel exhaust gas recirculation systems.Read More
Cavero Coatings manufactures numerous liquid fluoropolymer based coatings that provide extreme temperature resistance, dry-film lubricity and abrasion resistance. Their coatings are utilized in the automotive, industrial and recreational industries, among others.Read More

Our Commitment

In an effort to provide our customers with the highest level of quality possible, DECC will only work with coating suppliers that have systems in place to guarantee their product will perform up to our expectations. When it comes to selecting a particular coating manufacturer, we are not biased in our selection process. Typically a coating type and manufacturer is dictated to our customers as they are called out on a specification. However, if that information is not available, DECC will select the coating we feel is the best fit for your particular challenge, regardless of whom the manufacturer is.

The DECC Company is not licensed to sell individual or packaged coatings. The DECC Company regularly applies new coatings for customers that may not be listed on our site. If there is a product or supplier you can’t find on our site, please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution to for your challenge.

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