The True Cost

Dip-Spin vs. Rack-Spray

Dip-Spin $0.289
Rack-Spray $0.283
The DECC Company
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DECC are experts at troubleshooting to uncover pains and problems and provide coating solutions to customers

In applications where an operational problem occurs in an existing design, we have experience troubleshooting possible solutions. Most times we can help solve your issue, and if we can’t, we will help find a company that can.

DECC duplicates all of our production processes in our R&D department, but on a miniature scale. This provides us a means to devote the time needed to solve complicated problems without having to cut into critical production schedules of the plant, allowing us to develop a production recipe that is ready to launch in minimal time.

For information on our many coating services like abrasion resistant coatings, corrosion resistant coatings and squeak reduction, Contact us today!

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