The DECC Company is an applicator of FDA acceptable food grade coatings that add value to the food production industry. FDA acceptable release coatings allow for an easy to clean and durable surface. Many food ingredients are abrasive in nature. These ingredients can quickly wear away the surface finish of the part they come in contact with, resulting in quality issues and unexpected downtime. With FDA acceptable dry release coating solutions, food production equipment performance is enhanced.

FDA acceptable coating solutions for better performing equipment

Keep Costs Low with Nonstick Coatings by DECC

Typically it makes more economical sense to rebuild equipment versus replacing used equipment with new. We apply nonstick coatings to both new and rebuilt manufacturing equipment components used in high volume food production to ensure you get as much life from your equipment as possible. DECC utilizes Whitford Corporation’s extensive portfolio of FDA acceptable coatings to ensure we have can solve any number of challenges our customer’s face.

Nonstick Coatings Offer Tangible Benefits

The nonstick properties of these food grade coatings are known to:

  • Improve product release: As any home cook knows, food that sticks to the pan gets ruined. By using nonstick coatings in your facility, you can bring down product rejection rates dramatically.
  • Enhance cleaning: Nonstick surfaces are much easier to clean, which means you’ll have an easier time keeping your facility up to FDA standards.
  • Minimize machine downtime: You lose money every time your equipment goes offline. Release coatings are designed to help keep your machines up and running.
  • Increase equipment life: Investing in new equipment is hard on your bottom line. The coatings DECC applies ensure that equipment lasts as long as possible.

Food grade coatings intended for friction reduction may be applied to:

  • Molds
  • Moving parts
  • Blades
  • Other forms of cutting devices

To learn more about why a coating is “FDA Acceptable” and not “FDA Approved,” click here.

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