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Whitford is renowned for being one of the biggest manufacturers of an array of nonstick coatings. Their nonstick, low-friction coatings are utilized in a wide variety of industries, including food, medical, aerospace, and automotive. Many of Whitford’s coatings are heat resistant as well as chemical resistant and provide a low coefficient of friction for finished products. Several of Whitford’s coatings are FDA acceptable and are regularly applied to products in the commercial food industry. No matter what the challenge, Whitford is the largest fluoropolymer supplier in the world and will have a nonstick, anti-friction coating that can solve your challenge.

Whitford Recommended Coater

The DECC Company is proud to be a Whitford Recommended Coater. A Whitford Recommended Coater, or a “WRC” member, is a custom applicator that Whitford recommends to apply their high-performance coatings. In order to be considered for this program, the coater must meet stringent requirements set by Whitford. While Whitford’s recommended coaters are not licensed, they do follow their application standards.

Whitford Xylan Industrial Coating Varieties

Whitford is well known for their varied line of Xylan high-performance fluoropolymer coatings. These functional coatings are a matrix of high-temperature organic polymers and organic or inorganic, dry-film lubricants that are formulated to provide unique and desirable properties. They can “work” under heavy loads, at high-temperatures, in chemical and corrosive environments, and in almost any combination thereof.

Coating Descriptions

Xylan 1010

The best low-friction coating on the market, Xylan 1010 has excellent chemical resistance and the greatest operating temperature of any fluoropolymer coating.

Xylan 1014

With more bonding resin than the Xylan 1010, Xylan 1014 has a harder, more abrasion resistant finish that is glossier and less porous.

Xylan 1052

With a dual lubrication system of PTFE and molydisulfide, Xylan 1052 provides long-term lubrication for bearing surfaces subjected to extreme pressures - up to 150,000 psi - and is also chemical resistant.

Xylan 1088

With good low-friction and excellent chemical-resistant properties, Xylan 1088 is ideal for any wearing surface to reduce friction, prevent scoring and galling, and provide secondary lubrication.

Xylan 1203

A durable silicon resin, Xylan 1203 is used for mold release.

Resilon 1237

A low-cure, low-friction coating, Resilon 1237 is formulated for substrates that are temperature-sensitive while also exhibiting a high degree of flexibility and elongation.

Xylan 1331

With a high percentage of PTFE for a lubricious, nonstick surface, Xylan 1331 is abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant.

Xylan 1391

A primer/sealer that does not contain any lubricant, Xylan 1391 can be used alone for corrosion resistance or underneath PPS/PTFE topcoat.

Xylan 1400

A "re-coatable" coating, Xylan 1400 is a barrier coating ideal for protecting components from chemical exposure.

Xylan 1440

Well suited to not only lubricate, Xylan 1440 is a protective coating that is very resistant to a majority of chemical families associated with industrial and automotive applications.

Xylan 1610

The most lubricious of the 1600 series, Xylan 1610 is designed to help new engine components "break-in" by ensuring lubrication at high RPMs, especially during cold starts.

Xylan 1700

As a high-performance topcoat, Xylan 1700 PFA exhibits excellent release and wear characteristics with both a thin-film and high-build formulations.

Xylan 1756

Consisting of virtually pure FEP, Xylan 1756 is ideal when greater release characteristics are required.

Xylan 1840

The best nonstick matrix coating available from Whitford, Xylan 1840 has the best non-wetting and release properties of their post forming coatings. Also available in a FDA-compliant version as Xylan 8840.

Xylan 5230

A chrome-free coating that is RoHS compliant, Xylan 5230 is specified by the auto industry for the protection of components from corrosion caused by road salt, acid rain, and other forms of environmental corrosion.

Xylan 5251

Similar to 5230 in regards to corrosion protection, Xylan 5251 Silver is primarily used for fasteners.

Xylan 8820

The FDA acceptable version of 1820, Xylan 8820 is a long-term release coating idea for manufacturers whose fabrication process dictates that parts are post-formed after coating.

Xylan 8870 FDA Acceptable Coating

Xylan 8870 is a release coating that is stain, wear, abrasion, household chemical and high temperature resistant.

Xylan 1331 & P-1391 FDA Acceptable Coating System

This is a two-coat process of Xylan 1331 and Xylan P-1391; the combination of a high abrasion and wear resistance with the excellent release properties of the Xylan 1331 top coat. This coating is highly effective for food production companies where a non-stick surface is desirable.

The Eclipse FDA Acceptable Coating System

The best option for commercial grade food processing equipment is the Whitford Eclipse system. The primer is dedicated to durability and abrasion resistance with their reinforced resins, while the topcoat is focused solely on release.

DECC is not licensed to sell individual or packaged coatings.

DECC is your resource for the application of the coatings listed for Whitford®

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