The medical industry continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Advancements in the design of medical device coatings have improved the quality of medical care. The FDA acceptable medical coatings DECC can apply add value to a variety of different medical devices. Because we understand the critical nature of these components, DECC works closely with our suppliers to ensure the coatings are applied in exact accordance to the specification and technical data sheet.

Benefits of Medical Device Coatings

  • Dry film lubricants prevent premature wear and increase equipment dependability for components and mechanisms of life support systems exposed to repetitious cycling. It also keeps bio elements from sticking to surfaces of all types of instruments such as:
    • Catheters
    • Guide wires
    • Cauterizing blades
    • Sampling needles
    • Many other similar devices
  • Adhesive coatings aid in the over molding assembly of equipment used in surgical applications.
  • Autoclavable coatings are modified coatings that were originally intended to solve other problems (such as High PH resistance, Dry Film Lubricants, etc.), but are also capable of withstanding the high temperatures of repeated autoclave cleaning.

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