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The Three C’s: Coverage, Cure & Cross Hatch

Will the coating pass this test or that?

Will it reach this many hours in salt spray?

Can it withstand this temperature?

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The Importance of Fixture Design

Probably one of the most overlooked, or misunderstood, aspects of applying coating via...

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Common Surface Prep Types

A coating only performs to the level of the surface of which it...

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Bus Hatch Follower with Dry-Film Lubricant

Full Film Properties & Cure

We have had customers contact us because coated parts being received from their...

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What is a Functional Coating?

What is a Functional Coating? The tagline under our name on the homepage...

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Xylan Coatings: High-performance Fluoropolymers for Function in Extreme Conditions

We have discussed in a previous blog post how DECC is “coating agnostic”...

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Automotive latch with non-stick coating

Non-Stick Release Coatings Are Not Just for Pots & Pans: A Look at Automotive & Manufacturing Applications

When you hear the term “non-stick”, most people immediately have their favorite cooking...

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