The DECC Company is a predominantly rack-spray coating applicator, meaning almost every single job we process requires a fixture or window for parts to hang from while being coated.

As a result, DECC maintains an internal fabrication department that produces every fixture we utilize for applying coating to our customer’s parts.

Custom Tooling Fabrication For Spray Racks | The DECC Company

By employing an internal fabrication department, DECC can keep tooling costs low for us and our customers. Quality can also be monitored more closely during a large tooling build to ensure there are no setbacks during the launch of a new program. We are also able to begin using tooling that is complete while the rest is being fabricated, allowing us to expedite the launch process.

Most importantly, DECC’s fabrication department provides us a means to turn prototype fixtures quickly – sometimes in as little as a day’s time – so we can coat sample parts with production intent tooling for customer validation purposes.

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