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About The DECC Company

The DECC Company is a 2nd generation family-owned and operated business located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company maintains a 100,000 square foot facility dedicated to solving customer problems through specialized coating applications and custom coating services.

DECC was started in the basement of Evert Mellema's bicycle repair shop in 1964. Challenged by a friend to figure out a way to prevent the selector pin in jukeboxes from sticking, Evert utilized a dry film lubricant, a crudely made vibratory machine and a $15 oven to solve DECC's first ever customer problem with a custom coating application. Soon after, Evert and his brother Don (DECC's current owner's father) bought an old building on Wallen Avenue and incorporated in 1964. They named the business "DECC" for Don, Evert, their father, Chet, and their brother, also named Chet.

DECC Founders

Today, DECC offers an extensive range of industrial coating services, such as chemical resistant coatings, high temperature resistant coatings, rubber bonding adhesives, corrosion protective coatings, FDA approved coatings, and many others...including dry film lubricants. 

"Our vision is to be the most sought after coating applicator in North America."

Over the years, we have focused on innovation, quality, and process development. With almost a decade of zero non-conformances found during external ISO audits, The DECC Company strives to provide our customers with the best coating solution and application for a specific part and performance requirement while meeting the most demanding quality standards.

Industry Leader in Spray Coatings

DECC's purpose is to be an industry leader in spray coatings by exhibiting the traits we value in our company and in other's: superior quality, exceptional customer service, a commitment to the community, and a high value placed on company culture. We believe these traits are what set us apart from our competition - contact us today to find out.

To read more about how we try to limit our environmental impact, click here.

The DECC Company Headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan DECC Facility Today

The DECC Company in 1964 and today.