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Fuel Cell & Alternative Energy Coatings

Alternative energy coatings
Hydrogen Fuel Cell coated components
Corrosion protective coatings
Hydrogen Fuel Cell coated components
Fuel cell coatings
Corrosion resistant coating on Diesel Regeneration system

The DECC Company applies functional coatings for the alternative energy market. These products are primarily used in, but are not limited to, wind turbine and fuel cell applications. However, regardless of the application, the coating's primary function in the alternative energy sector is corrosion protection, be it chemical or environmental corrosion resistance.

Corrosion Resistant Coatings

DECC utilizes both barrier and sacrificial corrosion resistant coatings in the alternative energy market.

  • Sacrificial coatings contain elements, such as aluminum or zinc, which oxidize sacrificially to ensure the substrate remains protected. These are the corrosion resistant coatings of choice for applications in the wind energy sector where components are subjected to extreme environmental conditions. DECC applies Doerken® coatings, which are organic, zinc-flake coatings, to large stud bolts and threaded rods that are used in wind turbines. Component life is drastically increased with the use of these sacrificial coatings, some of which are capable of meeting up to 1500hrs of salt spray resistance.
  • Barrier coatings, which are a plastic resin mixed with other functional additives, prevent external elements from ever reaching the substrate, thus their name. This type of corrosion resistant coating is most beneficial when corrosion from chemicals and/or heat is an issue, which is why they are the ideal choice for fuel cell applications. With their application, these chemical resistant coatings increase the life of the substrate they are applied to, thus improving overall performance while allowing for the use of less exotic metals, as well.

Whether it is wind turbine protection, chemical resistance for a fuel cell component, or any other type alternative energy application, our engineering staff will help determine the right corrosion resistant coating choice for your specific challenge. Contact us today!

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