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Atotech offers a diverse portfolio of surface treatment options, but DECC applies only their zinc flake coating products.

Approved by numerous OEM's, these coatings are designed for corrosion protection and are utilized on a variety of automotive component types and geometries.

Silver Base Coats

With the ability to be optimized for different applications, Atotech offers a variety of silver Zintek® base coats that offer excellent corrosion and coverage properties, as well high impact resistance after extending use.

Zintek® Black Base Coats 

Atotech's Zintek® black base coats are the first on the market - no other solvent based zinc flake coating manufacturer offers a purely black base coat. Unlike other zinc flake systems where a black top coat is utilized over a silver or grey base coat, there is no silver shine-through after handling or burnishing with Atotech's black base coat and black top coat.

Techseal® Organic Top Coats 

Offering increased corrosion protection, controlled coefficient of friction values and the highest level of chemical resistance, Atotech's Techseal® organic top coats come in a variety of options that are optimized to specific component performance characteristics.

For further information on Atotech, please visit their website

DECC is not a distributor of Atotech or licensed to sell individual or packaged coatings. DECC is your resource for the application of the coatings from Atotech.

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