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Automotive Coatings

Various coated automotive parts
Various coated automotive parts

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The DECC Company is an industry leader in the application of high performance, functional automotive coatings. With quality focused process control and application methods, DECC is capable of adhering to a vast array of OEM coating specifications. As a coating applicator, DECC also has extensive experience solving unforeseen component problems through the application of functional automotive coatings.

Typical Automotive Problems Automotive Coating Solutions
Road Noise — Creaking, Rattling, Buzzing, Humming DECC applies dry film lubrication and noise reduction coatings that deaden sound and enhance component performance
UV Sun Damage — Trim and fasteners on the exterior discolor DECC applies special UV protective coatings to exterior parts
Corrosion Damage — Components rust or corrode due to environmental or chemical exposure
DECC applies our corrosion protective coatings which have proven success on fittings, stampings, castings, and numerous other automotive components
High Temperature Damage — Engine components and mating parts overheat and performance degrades DECC applies heat resistant coatings which are designed to deflect damaging heat from being absorbed by the part
Rubber to Metal Bonding Adhesives — Rubber doesn't stay attached to metallic surface on the suspension and engine-to-body mounts DECC applies rubber to metal bonding adhesives that allow for over-molding of rubber to a  metal substrate

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