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Cavero Coatings

Cavero Coatings Company is a supplier of a vast portfolio of liquid fluoropolymer based coatings. Their flagship coating produces virtually zero VOC’s, is temperature resistance up to 1000 degrees Celsius and offers an extremely low coefficient of friction.

Their other coatings for the automotive industry provide dry-film lubricity, abrasion resistance, and extreme temperature resistance. Typical applications include engine parts, pistons, gaskets, spark plugs threads, valve systems, and brake clips, among others.

Supplying Coatings Across Industries

In other industries, Cavero Coatings Company has coatings that extend life usage on gun magazines while ensuring reliability and durability. Textile and carpet businesses count on their coatings for wear resistance and corrosion protection on their rollers and other parts, as well

For further information on Cavero Coatings Company, please visit their website.

DECC is not licensed to sell individual or packaged coatings. DECC is your resource for the application of the coatings from Cavero Coatings Company.

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