In a previous blog post, we discussed how functional coatings could be utilized to reduce downtime.

A prime example of such an instance is the case study of how DECC utilized a reinforced, non-stick coating to help solve a huge headache for the commercial healthcare laundry industry.

Healthcare laundry facilities have the laborious task of sorting plastic out of the linen prior to washing – this includes latex gloves, EKG stickers, tubes of ointment, ink pens, etc. No matter how many people are staffed at the front end for sorting, some plastic still inevitable makes it in the wash.

And if it makes it into the wash, it makes it into the dryers…where it melts and sticks. After time (in some instances, only a few months), a fresh clean dryer can become so clogged with melted plastic that it looks like below.

An un-coated dryer panel with melted plastic. DECC’s coating helps eliminate this problem.

When a dryer gets to this point, the panels must be removed and cleaned.

One industry accepted method is to ice blast the panels clean. This works, but it is expensive and as soon as panels go back into the dryer, plastic starts sticking. Another way is to manually scrape the plastic off and drill out the holes, which can take up to a day or more to clean just one panel.

And whether you blast them clean or scrape them clean, it does not actually solve the problem.

When a local non-profit healthcare laundry facility contacted us six years ago and explained their issue, we applied various non-stick coatings that we thought could solve their problem so they could validate. One vastly outperformed the others, so we coated every panel in their 14 dryer facility.

With the coating DECC applied on their dryer panels, plastic build-up was greatly reduced. The plastic that did stick could be easily knocked off with a plastic scraper. In the amount of time it took to clean just one or two un-coated panels, two or three entire dryers that were in use of 10 to 12 months could be completely cleaned.

Word of the solution made it back to the dryer OEM and because of the coating’s performance, as well as our quality and pricing, DECC has been coating brand new panels for Jensen as an add-on option for over almost four years.

All in all, there are over 2200 panels in the United States that are coated by DECC. We will be at The Clean Show in Las Vegas June 5-8, booth 3731, with hopes of helping even more facilities decrease their down time and increase their bottom line.

Contact us today if you have dryer panels that need coating…or maybe we can help you solve a downtime issue plaguing your industry next!