The Challenge: A food production company needed their large food dies applied with a high release, FDA acceptable coating due to sticking during production. The problem was that that the water-based coating needed to be applied in an extremely precise manner so the entire substrate was covered, but not over-coated as it would blister during curing, ultimately ruining the part and costing significant money to rework. Another challenge was that the coating had to be hand sprayed as the dies were too big for robotic application. With a reputation for succeeding in the face of adversity, they came to DECC for help.

The Solution: By applying the coating in their R & D department, one of the largest in the industry, DECC was able to meet all necessary quality requirements without interrupting the larger production schedule of the plant. A key to the application success was DECC’s highly skilled coating applicators. With nearly 50 years of coating application experience between the two, they were able to coat the dies with efficiency and quality that paralleled any robotic application.

The Result: DECC’s customer was supplied a quality coated die at significant savings due to not having to find an applicator with a robotic system capable of coating the parts. Their customer still sends dies to DECC to be coated, despite the fact the customer has now set up a coating operation at their facility for this specific application, as they know DECC can ensure a quality product every time that won’t need rework.