The Challenge: A California manufacturer of medical instruments was in a dire situation. The part causing them issues was used during open heart surgery and applied directly the a patient’s heart, keeping the heart beating but paralyzing the area it was connected to, allowing the surgeon to operate. The surface of the part had to be prepped and cleaned, an adhesive coating applied in less than one ten thousandth of an inch thickness, and then measured to make sure it met quality standards. Any variation in coating thickness could result in failure of the plastic over the molding bonding to the device, ultimately causing the instrument to not perform correctly during surgery. Every coating applicator they contacted struggled to apply the adhesive coating consistently, struggled to prep the surface properly without damaging the integrity of the part, or lacked the proper equipment capable of measuring the demanding tolerances. As they could not find an applicator in California that was capable of coating their product, the manufacturer literally began moving east across the United States in search of one that could. They made it more than half way across the country before they discovered the DECC Company.

The Solution: Due to DECC’s expertise in rack masking abilities, they engineered a unique fixture design for racking the parts. DECC purchased an ultrasonic cleaner and a Back Scatter eddy current device capable of measuring the demanding tolerances.

The Result: In a short matter of time, DECC was processing parts, something no other coating applicator their customer had approached was capable of doing. Not only was DECC processing parts, but they were producing high quality parts with consistent results. With an ingenious engineering group and an R & D staff with almost 50 years of coating experience, their customer had found the solution they were looking for: the DECC Company.