The Challenge: A military manufacturer required a coating application for a fuel shut-off valve that refueled military helicopters and prevented fuel leakage disasters. As the part would be subjected to the harshest environments – cold altitudes, deserts, and sand – meeting stringent quality specifications was of the utmost importance. Not only were exact coating standards needed, the part also required a Class A grade surface after the coating application. The manufacturer, who had a history with DECC, knew they would be up to the challenge.

The Solution: DECC applied an abrasion resistant coating with excellent release properties to ensure that not only was the part durable, it would not seize up when operated. DECC also developed a post production buffing process to ensure the surface was entirely flawless.

The Result: DECC proved their ability to meet the most demanding quality specifications yet again. Not only that, but they also saved their customer significant money by developing a post production process in their own facility for fabricating a Class A surface, meaning their customer would not have to outsource the part for additional production operations.