Leverage barcode scanning to capture location and other data at any number of points along the supply chain or within a production facility.

Find specific information about any element of a product’s genealogy at any time in its history, to limit your exposure in the case of a product issue or recall.

Create a rich digital audit trail of material and product traceability, delivering unparalleled transparency for your business

An End-to-End Digital Inventory Traceability System

Most manufacturing companies use some type of traceability system, also known as Track and Trace, to comply with customer and market mandates as well as to have product genealogy for service, safety and process improvement purposes. According to the APICS, the premier professional association for supply chain and manufacturing operations management defines “traceability” as: “the attribute allowing the ongoing location of a shipment to be determined” and/or “the registering and tracking of parts, processes and materials used in production, by lot or serial number.”

Often, this effort involves manual processes or even paper-based recording and form-filing. Interest in track and trace has become more widespread in virtually all products and markets (both discrete and process) to create an audit trail that can be used in the case of a product issue or mandated recall. Simply tracking the receipt of raw materials and shipment of finished goods may fulfill the bare minimum requirements in some cases, but the real value of traceability increases exponentially when every movement and value-adding activity is tied together in an end-to-end historical chain.

Real-time Visibility Across the Supply Chain with Plex

Plex can track individual parts, containers, or individual lots of ingredients including expiration dates and other critical information where appropriate. Barcode printing and scanning capabilities are built-in and tightly integrated so that all relevant information is consistent and controlled from the production database onto labels, including a library of customer-specified shipping labels that print automatically at ship time. Plex records every transaction and makes it accessible and reportable at anytime from anywhere that you can access Plex.

This level of traceability and genealogy creates a digital “family tree” that illustrates the parent-child relationship of each component and operation in production. Plex automatically creates this genealogy including component details (batch/lot, etc.) production operations (date, machine, operator), and other information as desired. This traceability tree guides search and documentation both backwards and forwards (or upstream and downstream) from any item in question to its ultimate source or disposition.

Companies that only track incoming and outgoing goods are left with a gaping hole – the production “black box” that limits the utility of track and trace. Plex tracking gives manufacturers real-time visibility to inventory, including work-in-process, which enables them to reduce excess inventory that companies often maintain to reduce the impact of unexpected shortages or other surprises.

Plex brings significant benefits to the operations of a manufacturing organization, giving every department real-time visibility as to what is happening where. That visibility helps companies make sound operational and business decisions with confidence.

Our challenge to you is to talk to your custom coater and ask what type of traceability they have? Can they pinpoint the coating that was used to produce your parts last year in a particular month or certain batch of parts? By having this information at our fingertips it limits liability by reducing the amount of suspect parts to its lowest level. It’s that simple.

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