By Mark on Dec. 1, 2016
(Modified Jan. 26, 2018)

It’s 1964. Gas is $.30 per gallon. Average annual income is $6,000. Average cost of a new house is $13,000. A new car is $3,500. Mail is 5 cents. Beatlemania is sweeping the nation. The Beatles number one hit, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, is blaring on the jukebox. Kids are dancing to the music like parents have never seen before. The care free days of teenagers enjoying this rock and roll music is rampant. The dance hall floors are bouncing. Dust and dirt is clouding the air…flowing through the jukeboxes…accumulating inside…making the mechanisms skip, missing selections, preventing kids from trying to dance to their favorite tunes. This must be a parental conspiracy! If the jukeboxes break down, the kids can’t dance anymore!

Even in 1964, oil and dust did not mix. The problem Rowe AMI was experiencing is their jukebox selector pins, which were oiled for use, were attracting dust and dirt that jammed up the selections. Kids were paying for the Beatles on the jukebox but not hearing them. So the engineers at Rowe teamed up with the founders of DECC and the custom coating applicator was born. PTFE, a non-stick coating, eliminated the need for oil, which eliminated the dust and dirt from jamming the selector pins, ultimately solving the DECC Company’s first customer problem with a custom coating solution. Since then, DECC has been solving thousands of customer problems in just the same way…and overcoming parental conspiracies.

And starting in January of 2017, we want to share our knowledge of coatings, their application, the solutions they provide and the challenges DECC has solved in our new blog. Be sure to check back weekly or subscribe!

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