A problem faced by all of those in the commercial laundry industry is clogged dryer panels. Despite sorting for plastics (or material that can melt in general) at the beginning of the laundry process, some will still inevitably make it into the dryers. As a result, these items melt and stick to the inside of the dryer, leading to dramatically reduced efficiency and costly maintenance and cleaning costs.

DECC is traveling to The Clean Show to present our solution for this problem! By coating the panels with a reinforced resin system that is abrasion resistant and has exceptional release qualities, most materials that melt inside the dryer do not stick to the panels. Those that do stick are easily removed with very minor effort and without removing the panels. By having dryer panels coated, efficiency is maintained as if the dryer was new and downtime for maintenance is virtually eliminated.

Be sure to visit us at Booth Number 1107 at The Clean Show so DECC can demonstrate their solution to this common industry problem!

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