DECC has extensive experience providing solutions to NVH & BSR issues. Through the application of abrasion resistant coatings, service life can be extended on components while simultaneously dampening noise issues. Non-stick release coatings allow for a reduced coefficient of friction between components, ultimately resulting in the elimination of squeaks, rattles and groans from parts grinding and rubbing against each other.

Recently, DECC successfully solved a NVH challenge for Ford by applying coating to brake clips. The brake clips exhibited squeaks and groans during use. The coating DECC applied to the brake clips, an abrasion resistant release coating, successfully eliminated the noise issues. Currently, a Dow product is specified on the majority of brake clip prints for the Big Three. However, the coating DECC applied met and exceeded the performance characteristics of the Dow product, leading our customer to call it “the new industry standard.”

Be sure to visit us at Booth Number 324 at the SAE NVH Conference & Exhibition to learn how DECC can provide a solution to your noise and vibration problems!

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