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The DECC Company Is Your Functional Coating Application Specialist

As an ISO 9001 registered and CQI-12 approved coating applicator with over 50 years of application experience, The DECC Company's focus is solving coating related challenges for our customers.

DECC Company Corporate Overview Video

DECC is a family-owned and operated coating applicator dedicated to providing solutions for our customers with specialized, spray coating applications. Our goal is to build mutually beneficial, long lasting relationships with customers through a commitment to quality, customer service and 100% on-time delivery. DECC strives to be a resource for our current and potential customers - if you have a coating challenge, more often than not, we can solve it. If we can't, we will help you find someone who can.

DECC applies highly functional liquid coatings that provide corrosion protection, non-stick release, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance, among many others and across all industries. With a diverse set of coating vendors, such as Whitford, Magni, Doerken, Lord, Dow and Sherwin Williams, we most likely have an option that can solve your problem or meet a required OEM specification. High volume, rack-spray applications are our specialty. Our electrostatic spray line is equipped with two six-axis FANUC robots utilized for touch-up purposes, allowing us to coat parts of almost any geometry. If parts require a more personal touch, our hand spray technicians have years of experience.

Our vision is to be the most sought after coating applicator in North America by providing our customers with quality parts, on time, all the time...and at a reasonable price. Contact us for a quote today.

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