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Abrasion Resistant Coatings

Abrasion resistant coatings
Abrasion & Wear Resistant Coating
PTFE Coating Services
Abrasion & wear resistant coating used for movement caused by flexing of hot and cold metal
Ceramic Coatings
Abrasion & Wear Resistant Coating in Bright Green

By definition, abrasion is a wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction. Abrasion is the number one killer of parts and machinery in the world. The DECC Company works closely with manufacturers, U.S. Government agencies, and Fortune 500 Companies to solve abrasion issues through the application of ceramic and PTFE coating services.

Ceramic & PTFE Coating Services 

There are a wide variety of coating solutions depending on substrate, operating environment, and process.

Ceramic based coatings are just one possible solution to an abrasion problem. Coatings that have ceramic reinforced resin systems can have a longer wear life than those that do not. Typically cured at a higher temperature, ceramic reinforced coatings are ideal for steel components that are in contact with a mating surface, ultimately protecting the substrate from degradation over time.

Non-Stick coatings, also known as PTFE coatings, were designed to solve abrasion issues due to its incredible non-stick capabilities. In fact, the "Guiness Book of World Records" gives it the title of "slipperiest substance on earth." Some of the features that make PTFE coating a great choice are its:

  • Wear resistance
  • Dry lubrication
  • Temperature resistance
  • Non-stick properties

Benefits of Abrasion Resistant Coatings

The addition of PTFE to a part will drastically reduce friction caused by one part rubbing against another. The reduced friction will lead to longer life of the product, easier servicing or cleaning of the parts, all while increasing performance.

  • Extended part life
  • Improved part performance 
  • Decreased costs associated with part servicing and replacement
  • Increased resistance to high temperatures, which means parts last longer and perform better even in harsh conditions

Wear Resistant Coatings Specifications for the Industries We Serve

The DECC Company serves a range of industries, providing wear resistant coatings that meet the respective specifications of each industry. For more information about our coating specifications for various industries, please visit the following pages:

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