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Thankful for the DECC Culture

A common thing said around DECC is that “anyone can throw coating at a part.”

We say this because it is true. We are definitely not the only coating applicator out there that sprays functional coatings. However, we feel three things set us apart from our competition: quality, consistency, and culture.

The most important of these is a culture at DECC that promotes teamwork, openness, honesty, integrity, flexibility, and empowerment....

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The Rack-Spray, Soft Touch Technology of DECC

The DECC Company is an almost exclusively rack-spray facility. During the coating process, components...


DECC at Clean Show 2017

A problem faced by all of those in the commercial laundry industry is...


DECC at AWEA Windpower 2017

WINDPOWER is the largest wind energy trade show in North America and DECC...


DECC at SAE Brake Exhibition

DECC will be exhibiting at the 34th Annual SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition...


DECC & Habitat for Humanity

DECC recently participated in year three of our three year commitment to Habitat...


DECC Receives BBB’s 2015 Torch Award for Ethics

We are honored to be one of 5 companies chosen from a group...


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