By Matt on Nov. 29, 2017
(Modified Jul. 18, 2024)

At DECC, we say on a frequent basis that we are “coating agnostic.” What this means is that, as an applicator, we are not tied to specific coating manufacturer. If we are presented with a problem from a potential customer, we will recommend whatever coating system we feel has the best chance of solving their challenge, regardless of the manufacturer.

When it comes to lengthy corrosion protection, one of the options we will always recommend is Magni Coating’s Magni 565 recipe.

What is Magni 565?

Magni 565 is a chrome-free, two-coat system that combines an inorganic zinc-rich primer with an aluminum-rich organic topcoat. As with all zinc-flake coatings, Magni 565 offers sacrificial corrosion protection.

Magni 565 can be applied via dip-spin or spray (to know which application method would be right for your application, check out our white paper here) and friction modifiers can be added to the topcoat depending on your required coefficient of friction.

This system also provides galvanic corrosion protection, is RoHS, WEEE and ELV compliant, and is paintable. Unlike traditional plating, Magni 565 provides corrosion protection while alleviating hydrogen embrittlement as well.

Magni 565 Performance

The primary purpose of any zinc-flake coating is to provide corrosion protection. In regards to salt spray hours, Magni 565 is rated as providing a minimum of 720 hours, upwards of 1000 hours, when applied at the very thin film increment of 13 to 18 microns. This far surpasses any corrosion protection a standard plating or powder coating could provide.

Only a fluoropolymer or phenolic coating could come close (both are barrier coatings), but that is also when applied in thicker increments or over a plated substrate.

However, it should be noted that DECC has experience with this resin system easily achieving 1500 hours of salt spray on metal stampings when the coating thickness is a minimum of 18 microns. The below stamping were in a salt spray chamber for 1500 hours with no signs of failure utilizing the Magni 565 coating recipe.

Brackets with Magni 565 after 1500hrs salt spray

OEM Specifications

A good gauge on whether or not a coating system is successful is by looking at how many OEM specifications on which it is approved.

Magni 565 is approved on multiple specifications for 33 different OEMs that range across the automotivecommercial vehicle, military and wind energy markets, including Ford, GE, Honda, John Deere, Nissan, FCA, Arvin Meritor, Navistar and Volkswagen…to name just a few.

Corrosion Protection Needs

Most of the time when we are contacted about applying the Magni 565 coating it is because a customer has a print where it already specified.

However, if you have a corrosion issue and need guidance, please reach out to us. Magni 565 will most likely be one of the options we suggest, among a couple others…due to its rich history of great performance, we know it is a winning recipe.

However, we always like our customers to try different options in their unique applications to determine which coating system is the best fit regardless of what we think is best. Sometimes the results surprise even us.

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