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Zinc-Flake Coating

Over 80% of the requests we receive from current or potential customers deal with the application of coatings to combat corrosion, be it environmental, chemical, or temperature related.

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What is a Functional Coating?

What is a Functional Coating? The tagline under our name on the homepage...

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Why Most Coating Applicators Don’t “Test to Specs”

Time and again we are posed the question as to whether we can...

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Magni 565: The Gold Standard of Zinc-Flake Coating Systems

At DECC, we say on a frequent basis that we are “coating agnostic.” What this...

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Combating Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic Corrosion in the Automotive Industry Galvanic corrosion challenges many industries, but none more...

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Functional Coatings and Tight Tolerances: No Need to Worry About a Costly Redesign

Producing quality product within a specified tolerance is a battle that every manufacturer,...

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Corrosion Protection: Sacrificial vs Barrier Coatings

Corrosion is one of the leading causes of component failure across all industries....

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