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How to Choose the Right Coating Application Method: Part Two

Last week our post detailed the various “soft-touch” coating application methods available in the industry. Those types of processing methods are absolutely required if a consistent, smooth, and relatively blemish free surface finish is required. Also, with certain part geometries, they are the only option available to ensure a quality coated component.

However, just as much as there are components that require such processing, there...

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How to Choose the Right Coating Application Method: Part One

In terms of functional coatings, there are numerous applications methods that are utilized...

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The Rack-Spray, Soft Touch Technology of DECC

The DECC Company is an almost exclusively rack-spray facility. During the coating process, components...


How to Avoid Setting a New Part Up for Failure

When a manufacturing design engineer is developing a component, they are designing it...

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Infographic: The True Cost of Dip-Spin vs Rack-Spray

Simply put: there are part geometries that lend themselves to a dip-spin coating...

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The Limitations of Rack-Spray: Unfortunately, it isn’t for all components

The DECC Company’s goal is to be the go-to resource for all of...

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