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Xylan Coatings: High-performance Fluoropolymers for Function in Extreme Conditions

We have discussed in a previous blog post how DECC is "coating agnostic" and will often times provide samples with multiple coatings - from different manufacturers - for our customers to validate performance. Most often, if a dry-film lubricant is needed, a Xylan coating from Whitford is one of those options.

What is a Fluoropolymer Coating? Whitford's Xylan coatings are high-performance...

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Solving Abrasion and Wear Issues with a Functional Coating

Abrasion is the grinding, wearing, or rubbing away by means of friction. In...

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Combating Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic Corrosion in the Automotive Industry Galvanic corrosion challenges many industries, but none more...

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Functional Coatings and Tight Tolerances: No Need to Worry About a Costly Redesign

Producing quality product within a specified tolerance is a battle that every manufacturer,...

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How to Choose the Right Dry Film Lubricant for Your Application

As there is a vast array dry film lubricants on the market, there...

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Some Problems Caused by Automotive Lightweighting (and How to Fix Them)

In today’s automotive manufacturing age, lightweighting is a popular, albeit almost necessary, approach...

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